Art & Design

Home Decor, paintings, mirrors, clocks, design accessories, and rugs. Today's modern homes draw inspiration from art & design. Every little corner of the home, whether it is the under the stair space or above the cabinets, can incorporate art & design to make your modern home look artistic and beautiful. Integrating art in to your home decor will add beauty as well as some sophisticated style. Art can be of various forms and types - a painting, some wall decals, sculptures or even a beautiful flower vase can add a artistic feel to the entire home decor

Contemporary and European paintings. Framed and unframed. (87)
Contemporary and Classic collections of sculptures.  (11)
Stylish modern rugs will create unique settings for the living space. (118)
Extraordinary designers clocks, metal and plastic wall art, unique mirrors, etc... (91)
When it comes to furniture, a lot can be done to bring in art & design. Carved furniture pieces with articulate designs and cuts will add a royal yet classy feel to the home. Not just the carved furniture, the modern, sleek furniture with abstract designs will look just as artistic. Another good idea to integrate art & design in homes is to go simple with the furniture and extravagant with wall decor. Wall motifs, decals and huge graffiti or paintings will give a unique artistic look. Another good idea is to add art & design to furnishings. 

You may opt for beautifully printed or designed drapes, rugs and other such things that will add life to your home decor. Mirrors are another thing of beauty that can be placed on the walls of your home very artistically with some beautiful mirror frames. Whether you prefer an antique frame or a contemporary one, the end result will only make your home look beautiful. When it comes to incorporating art & design in your home, the options are endless. All you need to do is get a little creative and give your imagination wings.