Selecting bar furniture should be a well-thought out decision. After having your home bar in place with the counter top, the sink and the other decor up there, the next step is to fill the space with the most appropriate bar furniture which majorly comprises of bar stools. To say the least, you will be spoilt for choices when it comes to bar stools. There are hundreds of variants available varying on the style, design, color and make. Moreover, there are lot genres of bar stools too to choose from. You can go retro or contemporary - you will definitely find a few designs that will blend well in to your design theme. However, before you choose your bar stools, you will need to consider a few things. Your budget is of prime importance. That's because, you can spend minimal and still get decent bar stools or may even opt to go extravagant on your budget. Once you have set your budget, the next thing will be to decide on the number of bar stools you will need. Unless you have dedicated a huge space for your bar, 2 to 3 bar stools will look ideal in your home bar setup. This will also leave ample space for easy maneuvering. While the height of the bar stool is pretty much a standard, you might still want to check if the height is convenient for your home bar.

After having the bar stools, you can also opt for some lounge seating around your bar. This will give you an option of some extra seating when you have a get-together at home. Also, having a lounge around your bar is a good design idea.