Literally, a dining room is a place where the family sits together to eat and more importantly share memories and strengthen bonds. Hence, a dining room is that room of the home which is more or less a private zone for the family. Having an exclusive dining room that depicts the true essence of your family is perhaps the best idea to enjoy a wholesome meal together. It is always a good idea to make your dining experience relaxing and refreshing. You can easily do this by adding a vase of fresh flowers or candles to your dining room making it a calm place to unwind. There are several things that make up the dining room - the dining table, the dining chairs, the lighting and the overall decor, the curios, the window treatments etc. To design your very exclusive dining room, you will need to keep in mind the preferences of your family members. The dining room furniture, the colors that you choose for the dining room walls and the lighting play a very important role in your exclusive dining room decor. You may go modern by incorporating modern furniture and treating the decor with a modern theme if that's what your family prefers. Or you may even try to get the royal theme if your family likes to have grandeur around.  Whatever theme you choose for your exclusive dining room, the point is that the ambience should depict the culture and values of your family.