Office desks come in many colors but beige is considered a runaway hit in corporate while at homes, people prefer dark shades of red or maroon. Office desks also come with a pedestal with drawers. Most of these drawers are lockable. Office desks are great in wood. Laminated furniture brings shine onto the desk and also makes it look neat. Most of these have contemporary styling and are stain resistant. 

For those looking at lesser budget can go for modular office desks. Modular office desks are light in weight, can be moved easily from one place to another and usually have two standard sized drawers. Most of these have laminate top that can withstand high pressures. The casters help it move easily while the frame is made of steel for extra strength. Most modular furniture does not require tools to put it together and an office desk is no exception. 

For those who work from home, a Barley Twist office desk is more appropriate. An office desk of this class has rich and sharp look to it with smooth edges. A little on the expensive side, it is an office desk of a different class altogether. The best place to order an office desk over the internet is Avetex furniture. They have exceptional collection at affordable prices. Office desks, after sometime, become a person's identity so choosing well is critical.