One piece of furniture that practically every home has is a wall unit. As a matter of fact, wall units are more commonly considered as furnishing options rather than being pieces of furniture. That's because, wall units get fixed to the wall and blend easily in to the home decor. Wall units are basically pre-fabricated components that are assembled and fixed together to form a complete storage solution.  

You could go contemporary with a stylish wall unit or stick to the traditional designs and materials. The most common materials used in wall units are the oak, maple, yellow cedar, paduk wood and the likes. Wooden wall units give a very classy look when teamed with glass panes. A lot of times, wall units is generally a term that is used to imply TV units that are designed to hold the television sets or entertainment centers. Wall units are also commonly used in the dining area to store all your extra crockery and dine ware. In the kitchen, wall units are more of a storage solution. Wall units are probably the most convenient storage solutions as they are pre-fabricated and only need to be assembled before they are installed on the respective wall. Once installed and fixed, the good thing is that you can easily unscrew them if at all you ever decide to move to a newer place so that you carry them along.