Made in Danmark. Jesper Office. Solid Wood
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Jespi 7 Bookcase Jespi 7 Bookcase Jespi 7 Bookcase

Jespi 7 Bookcase

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Jesper Office bookcases come in three widths and four heights to help you make the most of your space. Strong enough to hold caseloads of law books, Jesper Office will last for years to come.

The Starting Price is for 30" Bookcase only without doors. Please select other items to complete the set.

Please contact us for additional info and pricing.
Three widths and four heights:
40"W(30"W or 21"W) x 86"H (72"H, or 58"H, or 44"H) x 14"D

Fully adjustable shelves
Patented connector makes two adjoining bookcases into one.
Concave and convex units go inside and around corners
End units add an elegant finish to a bookcase set.
Optional crown molding in Jesper 2000 collection
Optional wood or glass doors and organizer inserts
*except Plus One, 1000 & 2000 collections
Possible to buy all by separate furniture

This set includes 30" Bookcase with doors,  2 outside corner bookcases, 1 Inside corner bookcase, 21" bookcase.

  • Bookcase 30" x 86" x 14" with glass and wood doors $999
  • Outside corner Bookcase 14" x 86" x 14" $569
  • Bookcase 21" x 86"x 14" $549
  • Inside corner Bookcase 30" x 86" x 30" $999

Finish / Color / Materials:
Cherry, Maple, Wenge colors. Solid wood

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