Natuzzi Editions

natuzzi edition All people all over the world associate Natuzzi Brand with beauty and comfort, sofas and living area. Most of the line Natuzzi is the same time attractive and simple, clean look and luxury. The Natuzzi group expanded and their leather furniture became world famous, thanks to their participation in the late 1970s in a furnishings fair in Bari. The company was created to distribute and sell Natuzzi products in North America. Besides the US market, Natuzzi leather furniture became famous in the whole Europe, in Asia and even Australia. Natuzzis philosophy is that of comfortable living. Their chairs and sofas are studied to fit into the home and lifestyle of every type of customer, to help them enjoy their leisure-time and to make their house a comfortable place to be. The Natuzzi Editions is dedicated to the distribution of the Italian-designed furniture and furnishing accessories on a global scale. The Natuzzi Edition is offering an outstanding level of comfort day and night. They make multifunctional sofas: recliner sofa beds and sofa sectionals. The use of new materials, combined with traditional style and the use of advanced technologies have enabled the group to launch innovative products like the sectional recliner concept applied to leather armchairs and sofas. Natuzzi is now the biggest Italian company in the home furnishings market and the global leader in the leather sofas sector. The Natuzzi Group is still under the control of its founder, Pasquale Natuzzi, who has never lost his passion for his work. .

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