Dresser Types Guide

Dressers are one of the most important pieces of furnishing in your bedroom. Besides being the storage for your clothes, it is quite a large object that helps structure the style you want in your bedroom. Before buying the first dresser you like the best, please read some tips below on how to purchase one and what to look out for.

Is it going to fit?
That is the most important question when it comes to buying dressers as they are very heavy and large pieces of furniture. Be sure to measure your room a couple times and compare it to the dimensions provided with the item you are looking for. Make sure you consider the height of the dresser and the window placement, as the dresser itself or the mirror you might have on top of it will cover a part of the window. Do not forget to account for the range of opening doors and windows.

What materials are available on dressers?
Wood dominates the dresser market, as it is the perfect material that does not sag under weight and looks presentable and customizable. High end dressers are made from solid wood, which is the strongest and best looking material available. Solid wood dressers are noticeably more expensive than ones made from veneer or composite wood. Composite wood is about as durable as solid wood, but not on the same level of design and finish. Veneer dressers are less durable, but maintain the overall good looks and design of the solid wood ones. The only tip here is to go for the best available material in your budget.

What kind of styles do dressers have?
Much like other bedroom furnishing items, dressers come in modern/contemporary or traditional/classic styles. There are some hybrid dressers that have touches of modern design with retro overall look. Traditional sets usually use dark, massive wood with various ornaments. They look bigger and heavier than they really are, so they would fit well in a big room. If you are looking for armories, it is most likely going to be traditional. Contemporary style concentrates on lighter, more free-flowing woods. Many modern dressers are incrusted with glass, stone and plastic. The patters are much simpler than the traditional ones and are usually made without ornaments and fancy shapes. Again, it is mostly up to the buyer to decide what kind of a theme he/she wants to follow.

What kind of mirrors can be fitted on a dresser?
With new technological advances, there are various designs used for dresser mirrors, but general ones still remain classic and unchanged. Round, oval and square mirrors dominate the market like they have always had. The shapes are self-explanatory. You can use a mirror as a decorative accessory or as an actual mirror. For more creative shoppers, it might be interesting to experiment with a couple smaller mirrors instead of a big single one. Whether you hang them up at a different height or match them up with the rest of your bedroom, but at the end of the day mirrors are going to be very versatile in shaping the theme of the interior.